Marli Rose is one of Sydney’s leading salons for keratin treatments. We will have you feeling back in control of your hair with our specialised keratin treatments.


Basically, we all want our locks to mirror smooth and manageable waves but let’s be real, we’re not all blessed in the halo of hair department (no matter how many times we GHD the hell out of it). 

And just for you, we’ve brought all these cheeky treatments to the forefront meaning you’ll find everything from Sydney’s cheaper to more luxe treatments all below. Yep, these bad boys will certainly fix and reduce the glorious F-bomb we don’t really like to talk about. Frizz.

Here are the best places to head for a keratin treatments in Sydney.

Marli Rose

Step into Marli Rose and settle in guys, because this place (both salons, in fact) are so beautifully fitted out, you’ll feel right at home. Owner, Jana, and her team of hair wizards will take to your tresses with a Bhave keratin treatment and we can personally vouch for it changing your life and lasting at least 4 months (and counting). 

Marble Surface

“After trying several keratin treatments that didn’t last I was recommended to Marli Rose.

The experience from when I arrived to the end of my service was a pleasure. The best part being 3 months on and my hair is still looking great and manageable”

Tiana D